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Carole is knowledgeable, experienced, detailed and attentive.

She helped us find a rental property and walked us through the entire process without any surprises or headaches. She is very professional and a pleasure do business with. I highly recommend her if you are looking to rent, buy and/or sell.

I'm giving all the stars to Carole Engels & Properties of Miami

I’m writing this from my large living room that she helped me find. I had lots to choose from & she was patient, kind, Thorough & generous! All of my questions were answered as quickly & clearly as possible. And she remains ready to help for the minorest of details to the biggest! I absolutely recommend Properties of Miami!

If you are looking to rent or buy Carole is the real estate agent you are looking for.

Carole was very professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We told her what we needed/wanted and she helped us find exactly that! She is honest, knowledgeable and has been in the industry for a long time. Carole looked out for our best interest and was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. She made what I thought was a difficult process, smooth and enjoyable.

Carole is hands down the best!

She went above and beyond for me. I love my new place and if I have to move again I will definitely call her. FIVE STARS!!

I used the services of Properties of Miami (POM) for the first time this past June.

My experience was such a pleasant one that I will not hesitate to both use POM again and would absolutely recommend them for your buying, selling, and renting needs. POM is a professional company that excels in standards; they will find you what you want/need. The staff was not only proficient but they stayed on top of my requirements. I was kept informed of the rental process, at all points. POM had my best interest at heart which was evident by the constant verbal and pictorial communication. My business was conducted quickly and efficiently.

Properties of Miami deserves 6 Stars!!!

I just moved in and I want to move again, just to have the great experience I had with my Realtor Carole. She seems like she knew what type of place was for me and was available when I needed. I know I will be using this company again in the future. I would suggest this to everyone. Thanks Joe.

I can't say enough positive things of the experience I had with Carole during my apartment search.

Coming to Miami from Chicago, I didn’t have much time at all to search for my new home and Carole provided me with so many different options in my price range + specifications. The process of moving to a new city from so far away was stressful enough and she simplified it so that it took so much weight off of my shoulders from beginning to end. I continue to contact her to let her know that I have constantly recommended her to my friends because when you have such a great resource, why not share!! Thanks to the company and thank you to Carole!!

Carole is great if you are looking for a rental too.

I send all my college students to her and they like her. it doesn’t hurt that she is very attractive either!

After residing in Fort Lauderdale for 2 years I decided to relocate to Miami.

I was in a bit of a rush to find my perfect home as my lease was ending and I was in the process of starting a new job. Not only did Carole find me my perfect place, she put my mind at ease throughout the whole process. Carole went above and beyond to get me into my new apartment in the time frame I needed.  If you are looking for a knowledgable, professional agent Carole is the one!!
Thank you Carole for all you did for me!

If you're looking for seeing a wide selection of properties

Low pressure, and a real estate agent that is truly interested in helping find exactly what you want then Carole Engles from Properties of Miami is the go to person. Even though I wasn’t sure of what I wanted, Carole helped me explore many different options to refine my needs and eventually find the perfect property. She never gave up and came up with creative suggestions to try. There was no attempt to make something fit that was not perfect. If I was to describe my experience in a few words they would be, “We’ll find the perfect place, no drama.” Take it easy and ask for Carole’s help. She’ll take the anxiety away while finding you the place you only knew about in your dreams.

Carole Engels is my favorite real estate agent!

After dealing with two separate inept agents I was lucky enough to be told about Carole by a trusted friend. She did not disappoint! Carole was punctual, intelligent, honest and genuinely wanted to help me find exactly what I was looking for. She never tried to take me out of my price range, nor did she ever show me any property that did not possess all of the prerequisites and amenities that we had discussed prior to viewing. I would recommend Carole to anyone looking for anything from their dream home to a temporary apartment. If you can imagine where you would like to live, chances are Carole can find a perfect fit for you! And if/when it comes time for my next move, I know who my first call will be to.

Moving to Miami from New York was stressful in itself

Trying to find a rental while adjusting to a new environment was challenging, but with Carole’s easy going personality and dedication, I felt at ease. Not only was she on top of everything new to the market, she sent me updates daily. She was never pushy or impatient and wanted to make sure that I was 100% satisfied. I will definitely use her when I’m ready to buy.

I had a great experience with them

They spent all the time necessary for me to find the right property in the Grove.  The process was stress free and I am now enjoying my home in Coconut Grove.  Strongly recommend their services.

I have used Carole Engels from Properties of Miami for my last two Real Estate transactions in the Miami and Miami Beach area.

Carole is very knowledgeable of the market and of multiple areas throughout Miami. She works in a very professional and helpful manner and she really listens to her clients needs.  I would recommend Carole Engels for all of your Real Estate needs.

100 out 10 for service !! 🙂 

We’ve used Carole to help us move twice in 3 years.Both times she found the perfect home for us and our dog.I would recommend Carole for anyone looking to move home or buy / sell your current home.

Carole helped negotiate a great deal on my business rental

It was very easy to work with her, very accessible. Just what you want in a realtor in Miami. She will take the extra steps necessary to help you find what you need.

Carole is professional and hard working.

She found an UNLISTED commercial property that was perfect for my needs by cold calling efforts, not something you would expect in Miami. I would highly recommend Properties of Miami.

Fantastic company!

We were able to buy our first home under their guidance. We would definitely use them again in the future. Very knowledgeable.

Carole is knowledgeable, experienced, detailed and attentive

She helped us find a rental property and walked us through the entire process without any surprises or headaches. She is very professional and a pleasure do business with. I highly recommend her if you are looking to rent, buy and/or sell.

I was in a tough spot and needed to find a place to live in Miami immediately

Carole found the perfect rental for me and my dog (which finding a rental with a dog has proven to be a challenge in itself) within a weeks time. She was fast, efficient, and took care of all matters between myself and the property owner. I’ve recommended her to many of my friends and will continue to do so in the future. Thank’s Properties of Miami for all your hard work!!!

Carole helped me and my husband find an awesome house in a really short window of time!

She’s super professional, negotiated great perks for us, and performed an awesome walk through! She’s excellent and we’ll definitely use her again when it’s time to sell !

Excellent service at it's best!

Hard to find in the city of Miami. Not only, did Carole find a 3 prime locations that fit my criteria, but also got the best deal. I”m so happy! Thank you Properties of Miami.

Carole, thank you for all of your hard work

For dealing with my constant requests and emails, and for taking me out on the weekends!!! You are the best realtor in Miami, and you found me the perfect home!

Carole Engles is a very profesional Realtor

Always on time and prepared… She helped us find a property in our price range, and in the location we specified which seemed practically impossible. We are very happy with our purchase and with services Carole provided us!